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I am Afrikaans South-African, 56 & live in East Grinstead, UK.  I was born a Polydactalyl on both hands - (lol, my link to the ancient gods and aliens) and I have a Darwin's Tubercle on my left ear (lol, my link to primates & Pan, the Satyr!) - both fables are amusing and I like it!

I have 2 daughters, Zaskia (in Sweden) & Bianca (in Mauritius),  I have 4 dogs & I have a Dragon tattoo (which I love and he is my logo).  After leaving South-Africa at 22, I lived in Mauritius for 16 years and in the UK since 2001.  I adore Vin Diesel, beautiful swords & daggers, rugby & plain clotted cream fudge and Sautern.  I am currently an Aviation Medical Secretary at Centreline Aviation Medical Services, in Horley, UK.

 South-Africa - birthplace

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