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 Laetitia de Chazal   Black Dragon Fine Arts & Ceramics

1. Signing my Certificates of Authenticity with my blood

I sign each piece I make, as well as the Certificate of Authenticity, with a serial number, signature and a drop of my blood.  For Health & Safety, the blood is sealed in varnish or resin.

2. Cuddle with my daughter, Bianca, before she filmed my video.

My daughter filmed a marbling commission for me and this was taken just before we started.

3. Marbling commission, with Rhys Clugston.

Rhys Clugston wanted to have a marbled painting in blue, orange.  Instead of me making it for him, I showed him how to make it himself.  We were both very pleased with the end result.

4. My Ice Bucket Challenge

My Italian friend, Alex, extended this challenge to me...I did it....ONCE....never again!!!

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